Pats Captain situation

Rod Pedersen has a blurb on his Friday Rodservations regarding the Pats Captaincy. I asked Rod who the Pats Captain was going to be and I wound up winning a prize in the Ask The Broadcaster segment on Sept. 18's game in Saskatoon. I am going to pick that up today. Anyways to save you from scrolling and missing the part on Rod's blog I will post it here.

Now to the hockey...

Everybody wants to know what the Regina Pats are going to do with their captaincy. The "C" became available last spring with the graduation of Victor Bartley (love this photo). Edit: Check out Rod's blog to see the picture.

Coach Curtis Hunt said the other night he's going to hold off on the decision for at least a month. Right now there are four guys he considers to be in the running for the job but everyone's on their best behaviour and tripping all over themselves doing their best to lead the team. Why would he want to end that anytime soon?

When the time is right, the matter will be put to a dressing room vote. Curtis has never done this in the past, but feels now's the time to do it.

I agree it's the best way. It's democratic, and no one can argue with the results. Unless you're in Florida.
on September 25, 2009 by Kevin Shaw |