Leffler wants to be a leader

Check out Greg Harder's Slap Shots for the article.

Looking at my poll that I put up a while ago people seem to think the same thing 16 of 30 picked Leffler to wear the "C".

Final Poll stats:
Jordan Eberle 5 (16%)
Colten Teubert 1 (3%)
Brett Leffler 16 (53%)
Matt Delahey 4 (13%)
Garrett Mitchell 3 (10%)
Other 1 (3%)
I think that Leffler has been groomed to be the "C" since the beginning of his career.... but is he worthy of it I dunno. I don't think that I will be too disappointed whatever way they go with the "C". I just find it weird that is taking a long time to make up their minds. I'm starting to think that if/when Jordan comes back he will be the "C" almost by default.