Kovacs inducted into Regina Sports Hall of Fame

Tim Switzer of the Leader-Post wrote the article and it can be found here.

A great quote from the article by Kovacs:
"The Pup Line is turned into the Old Dog Line now," Kovacs said laughing. "I love being back here in Regina. It's a city of 200,000 people, but people never forget who you are. Any athlete who plays any sport and gives their heart to it, people don't forget who they are. I can walk downtown when I'm working (as a constable with the Regina Police Service) and people will say, 'You're Frank Kovacs from the Pup Line.' I'll remember them too. It goes both ways. They don't forget you; you don't forget them."

I remember the Pup Line and they were fun to watch mature over the years with the Pats. In all honesty I have the Pup Line poster hanging up in my basement. It brings back memories. Congratulations Frank!