I found this article to be interesting...

Pats' Eberle ready for Oilers rookie camp
The story is by Joanne Ireland (CanWest News Service)

Here's an interesting quote from Mr. Eberle:
Because he is just 19, the Regina Pats product will return to the Western Hockey League if he doesn't advance to the Oilers' 23-man roster.

"It's a win-win situation," Eberle continued. "I'd like to be playing here, to make that step, but if I go back to the WHL, it's not such a bad scenario either. We'd be trying to win a Memorial Cup and the (2010) world juniors are in Saskatoon."

I really hope that what he says is true. I would hope that he would play his best and dominate the WHL. I've seen players come back from NHL (the ones with HUGE expectations) and stink the place out. For the Pats sake I hope he is back and I really (being honest here) hope he is back.... 19 is just too young. But that's another story for another day.

on September 08, 2009 by Kevin Shaw |