09-10 Goalie thoughts.....

My take on the 09-10 goaltending comes down to who is the best of the bunch and who gives the Pats the best shot to win. In my opinion there are 3 trains of thought.... 1. try to make the best with what we have (Rowat starts); 2. go young-ish (Ketlo starts); and 3. rebuild from the net out (have growing pains and go with Guhle/Tendler).

Some of the things I am about to write might somewhat contradict what I have written earlier but I think my opinions are somewhat swaying. If I could dream up a perfect scenario I would but in reality there isn't one. The Pats have 4 goalies and only need 2. In other words they need to find homes for 2 of them.

I think Linden Rowat gives the Pats the best chance to win games. He has been fairly and unfairly criticized for his play between the pipes for the Pats. If he wasn’t an overage he would easily be the starter (in my opinion). I don’t think it would be good for him to come back to start for the club as fans would quickly become antsy and any sign of struggle there would be some sort of backlash. Give the guy a break he has played 183 games with the Pats and is one of the top goalies (statistically speaking) in Pats history.

Damien Ketlo is a good goalie but he scares me when he’s in net. I’m not sure what it is but I’m just not overly confident with him in net.... especially to be starter. I hope he can prove me wrong and take the reins. And with only 20 games in the WHL is he ready for the starters role? I can’t say... but I hope so.

Here’s where things get interesting.... Dawson Guhle and Derek Tendler are here in my opinion battling to be the “next one” for the Pats. I really don’t know what other teams have for goalies (especially young ones battling for jobs) but these 2 are ready to play in the WHL.... I just wonder how many other teams think the same things about their young goalies. Both are 17 and both are assets and I have no idea what kind of return either one would bring.

As I only seen the team play scrimmages and the B & W game I can’t really say as to whom is leading the pack so to speak.

If the Pats try to “contend” I can see them keeping Rowat and having Guhle/Tendler in the wings. But that all depends on the overage situation (still have 5).

By going young-ish and having Ketlo start the Pats could try to land an impact overage forward to the line-up and have Guhle/Tendler back-up.

By going rebuild.... doesn’t necessarily mean giving up. Guhle and Tendler are both decent goalies. Let them share duties until one emerges as the starter.

Those are some of the options that Parker faces in the near future. I just hope that the club gets some real value for the goalie(s) they deal.... no Prokop for Bosch deals (ouch).

I look into my crystal ball and going to make the following predictions:
Rowat gets dealt to a team that is trying to contend but is having issues in net.
Ketlo becomes Pats starter and does a decent job.
Guhle wins the back-up battle (barely over Tendler).
Tendler gets re-assigned to the SJHL (although I’m sure the Pat C’s would die to have him back..... sorry Derek)

But then again.... I’m just a fan and I just hope it doesn’t take months to get it done.