My guesses as to the Pats' depth chart

This is how I view the Pats' depth chart (as many others would view it):
lw c rw
Hricina Weal Eberle
Poletin Strueby Leffler
Hood Metz Mitchell
Gardiner Favreau Rieder
Breitkreuz Froese Mulder

ld rd g

Pym Teubert Ketlo
Delahey Bell Tendler/Guhle
Davidson Borstmayer
Slobozian Miller

Keep in mind that I didn't include Rowat or Czibere as I believe they will be the odd players out. Perrault and Sparrow aren't included as I personally don't think they have had great camps. And I also didn't include Guhle in the chart just because he hasn't fully committed to the Pats (I will add him if/when he plays this weekend).

I really hate putting Weal and Eberle on the same line just due to the fact it feels as though the team will be putting "all its eggs into one basket" so to speak. I would like to see Hricina with Eberle (at C as he has been playing it a lot in camp) and Leffler as the top line.... grit along with goal scoring. The second line I would personally like to see Poletin with Weal and Mitchell (I feel as though Mitchell is ready for a break out season). That would leave a slight problem for Strueby as he would be a 3rd line grinder and I don't know how he would do with Hood and Metz as his wingmen. The 4th unit could be a mish-mash of players like Gardiner, Favreau, Rieder, Mulder, Breitkreuz, Froese. Dare to dream.

Edit: now that Guhle has committed I added him to the depth chart.