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More thoughts.....

Well my thoughts from the "Veterans" group.... I think I have something on all (or most) of the players (I'm not including Sunday's scrimmages).

Let me start with the goaltenders. I'm not sure what to think of Linden Rowat's play during the first 3 scrimmages; he hasn't been spectacular and sure isn't playing like he's a possible overage. He's been okay but nowhere near where he should be to be the starter (I'm thinking he will be dealt). Damien Ketlo has looked good at times but has looked questionable at times but has stood in there and he looks like he's poised to take the starters job. I'm still convinced that Derek Tendler is the Pats "next one" and has looked good at camp made some good saves and looks to be ready to make the jump to the WHL on a full time basis. Dawson Guhle has also looked real good between the pipes and has made a couple of beauty saves in the first 3 scrimmages. Jesse Rogers has been good as well but I think due to numbers he will be on the outside looking in. And recent deletion Myles Dunne was a really good goalie, sound positionally; I heard that he might have chose football over hockey. I think that the Pats braintrust has LOTS to think about with their goaltending situation.

For the defence I will go player by player....

Ty Ariss (90) - has looked decent, has decent size likes to make contact. Due to his age I don't know if he will make the team... but then again he will be a veteran on the d-corps.

Myles Bell (93) - has star wrote all over him.... has good speed.... good defensively.... great shot.... and has a gift in the offensive zone.

Tyler Borstmayer (93) - I don't know but for some reason I was surprised with him.... He has been outstanding.... He has good size and I think could easily be a top shut down d for years to come. Paired with Brandon Davidson they were an amazing combo.

Brandon Davidson (91) - very skilled d-man, he has good skill, can hit and is another legit top end d-man. He combined with Borstmayer to make a great pairing.

Matt Delahey (89) - for the time he played (until he got hurt)... he looked good, and looked poised to step up as a leader on the team.

Aaron Enns (91) - big, fast and skilled.... Similar in stature to Davidson but he is from BC so I don't know if he will want to stay.... he would be a good addition.

Shamus Graham (92) - a good mobile d-man that has a great first pass. I think he will be caught up in the numbers.

Koltyn Miller (91) - Looks like he did last season and in my opinion that isn't good. He's a decent player but seems lost out there at times.... he does have a very good point shot but defensively he is lacking.

Dominic Perrault (91) - I don't know how else to say this but I think a few players have out-shone him in the camp this year.... he lacks mobility but has size.... I think he's in tough.

Alex Pym (91) - Looks ready to step up into a bigger role.... appears as though he has gotten a bit faster and looks like he is ready to take command on d. I look forward to him having Hunt back behind the bench.

Jay Slobozian (92) - I think he has earned his spot on the blueline, he has looked like a veteran and seems to have rebounded from his leg injury.... still swift and has really shone especially commanding the point. Having Hunt coaching will make him a really top tier defenceman.

Colten Teubert (91) - I have mixed reviews on him but has looked great at times but at other times has looked lazy and just like he didn't care.... I think if he gets focused he will be great.... I just think he has the pro thoughts in his head. For a first round draft pick in the NHL I thought he should have stepped up and taken command of the defence and dominated but he hasn't. Hopefully going to camp in LA will get him motivated to be the top d-man he could be.

All I have to say is this.... the Pats brass has some really hard decisions. I won't be surprised with any moves but I hope I'm not too disappointed.

Then again I'm just a fan and I'm not the one making the decisions.

I will get to the forwards in a bit....

Edit: I just realized that I missed a couple of D (that were re-assigned)....

Kelby Lang (92) - looked a little out of place but seemed to adapt as the camp progressed.... he will be a good d-man wherever he plays hockey this year.

Tyler O'Connell (91) - has good speed and is a good defensive presence but really didn't impress me.... I figured he would have been more of a physical presence (212 PIM in Jr. B).

Brian Cochran (92) - really didn't look out of place but wasn't overly impressive (I know what I am trying to say but I read that sentence and it just seems a bit off).


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