Sunday, August 23, 2009

The 3rd day of camp....

After waiting for the announcement of the cuts/re-assignments to be posted late last night/early this morning (it never happened). Here's the press release that is posted on Greg Harder's blog....

Pats camp Day 3 (first cuts)

By Greg Harder Sun, Aug 23 2009 COMMENTS(0) Slap Shots

Media release:

Lumsden, Saskatchewan — Saturday was the first important benchmark at training camp; it was the first cut-down day. Four scrimmages dominated the day, as both the rookies and vets participated in 2 games apiece.

The rookies dueled in a pair of high scoring affairs. Game one saw 2009 first round bantam pick Chandler Stephenson (Saskatoon, SK) score three times in a 6-2 Team White win:
Team White 6 – (Chandler Stephenson (3)/Cole Boychuk/Tyler Meuller/Michael Sagen)
Team Blue 2 – (Devon Allenby/Tayler Balog)

Game two saw a complete reversal, with Team Blue rolling to the 8-4 win. Devon Allenby (Chilliwack, BC) picked up the hat trick and 2009 2nd round bantam pick Tayler Balog (Weyburn, SK) scored twice:
Team Blue 8 – (Devon Allenby (3)/Tayler Balog (2)/Ryan Baskerville/Aiden Crowther/Bryn McNabb)
Team White 4 – (Joel Harnden (2)/Michael Benson/Chandler Stephenson)

The veterans played things a little tighter with Team Red and Team Grey splitting their games. Game one saw Devan McLean (Rosedale, BC) scoring twice for the 3-1 Team Grey win:
Team Grey 3 – (Devan McLean (2)/Lucas Froese)
Team Red 1 – (Michal Poletin)

Team Red bounced back in the late game, as Mitch Czibere (Ft.Sask. AB) scored twice for the 4-2 win.
Team Red 4 – (Mitch Czibere (2)/Brandon Davidson/Brett Leffler)
Team Grey 2 – (Koltyn Miller/Tomas Hricina)

There have been a pair of injuries at camp, both involve veterans:
D – Matt Delahey – Charley Horse (Day-to-Day)
C – Jason Gardiner – Knee (Indefinite)

It was a late night for the hockey staff as well, as the first cuts came down, with these players getting reassigned to their respective minor hockey clubs:
Devon McLean
Roger Tagoona
Jordan Daniels
Brian Cochran
Tyler O’Connell
Dylan MacNab
Zach Wildman
Justin Christian
Myles Dunne
Kelby Lang
Jeff Froese
Devon Audette
Bryn MacNab
Max Faulkner
Brennan Frykas
Mackenzie Johnson
Tyler Bell
Michael Brown
Colton Laroque
Colton Pankiw
Tyler Boyer
Jack Rodewald
Michael Benson
Logan Sawarski
Cole Boychuk
Spencer Schoen
Darrin Robinson
Levi Schwab
Taran Kozun
Evan Zdunich