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I haven't really received too much feedback about my blog so I assume that is a good thing. It is the off season and nothing much is happening right now so I figured I would dig through the stats/rosters of Regina Pats, their opponents and other teams from Regina and area that I have acquired over the last few years and post them (I find them interesting). Many of the earlier rosters and stats are EXTREMELY hard to find so if you want to use them please e-mail me and let me know (I don't care if you use them but please be courteous and let me know).

I have to give credit where credit is due and lots of the credit goes to the late Dave Talbot who not only shared his stats (Saskatchewan Junior and Senior dating from the 1910's to the 1960's) with me, he shared an amazing knowledge and stories of true old time hockey. It was nice to meet him and I was saddened to hear that he passed away. I also have to acknowledge Ron "Scoreboard" Johnston for his Pats stats and knowledge of Pats history in general. His blog is Regina Pats History; lots of his old Pats stories are amazing and his blog is well worth the read.

I'm still going keep updating The Blueliner with any and all Pats news old and new.... Just have to keep myself busy.

I'm not sure what kind of league it was but I do have the rosters for it.

1915- 16 Season (no stats available):

Regina Huskies
Smith (g), Parsons, Pettinger, M. McNall, Stuart Conrad, B. Hicks, A. Hicks, J. Ryan, Keenlander

Regina Maxwells
Alphonse Paquet (g), Harper (g), Jack Arnott, McArthur, Ernest Miller, Frank Crapper, Anderson, Bennett

Regina Speedways
C. Smith (g), Thompson, Hopkins, Bill Baldwin, B. Neate, Inglis, Garnett, Taylor

Moose Jaw
Salter (g), Jim McMillan, McKillop, Miller, Scott, L. McMillan, Hayes, Peters, Hannah

The rosters and stats are as they were presented to me. I will get to more later.

One more thing.... Readers please feel free to e-mail me and give me some feedback, send opinions, say "hi" or something. I would like to hear from you.... I will respond to any and all e-mails I get. Thanks for reading.

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