Monday, July 13, 2009

Linden Rowat at Senators Camp

As I couldn't find a picture of Rowat in Sens gear this the the best I could do. It's a photo from the Dynamic Edge Sports Vision Training Centers.

In the photo: Ottawa Senators 2009 Development Camp Goaltending Prospects: Robin Lehner, Linden Rowat, and Andrew Volkening

I found this tidbit of info on website (they seem to know their stuff):

On the Binghamton side, of note is a pair of free agent goalies attending the Sens development camp this week. Normally FA attendees are there simply to fill out the numbers. However, the Sens may have designs for either Linden Rowat (left unsigned by LA) or Andrew Volkening (NCAA). Rowat is coming off a mediocre year in the WHL on a bad team (but a strong season before that), while Volkening is coming off strong play in the NCAA for Air Force Academy. Of course, these two might just be the equivalents of last year’s Juliano Pagliero and Kevin Desfosses, but with a shortage of netminders they were probably more seriously selected. I doubt Ottawa will dip their toes into the overseas free agent pool; Murray has shown no inclination to bring over European professionals, only North Americans playing in European leagues (such as Justin Mapletoft, Matt Kinch, Ryan Keller, etc). It’s unfortunate, as there are a few worth looking at (Erik Moe, Jussi Makkonen, and Markus Nordlund spring to mind).

Here's a link to the Sens Development Camp Info (which ended July 6.... better late than never having this info):