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The 1925-26 Season

Qu'Appelle joins the Pats and Falcons to make a 3 team league.

1925-26 Standings
Regina Pats64208
Regina Falcons62315
Qu'Appelle Light Horse61413

1925-26 Pats Stats

As I am confused by some of the numbers for the other teams' stats due to some weird tie-breaker or playoff type game. There was only 6 league games for each team and I have upwards of 8 games for the Falcons and Light Horse teams. In this case I will just post the rosters.

Regina Falcons
Earl Robertson (g), Harold "Mush" March, John Achtzener, Jarvis "Josh" March, Carl Bergl, Bill Gilhooley, "Buster" McDougall, Ab Holt, Dave Downie, Amon, Harry Priest, McIntyre, Len Dowie

Qu'Appelle Light Horse
John Lipp (g), Ed Gill, Jack McCorkindale, Eric England, Hec Blair, Vicars, Peter Godfrey, Ed Sangster, D. Waite, Anderson, Jackson, G. Daly, Beauchamp, Allen

Saskatoon Wesleys
C. Richardson (g), George Graham, Lloyd "Dede" Klein, T.H. Reeves, Hub Dafoe, Ike Houston, Millard Wakeford, Russ McQuarrie, John Benson, Tom Wood, Claude Small, Peaver, Payne

Sid Burton (g), Louis Jerome, Elmer Mack, Westbrook, Earl Butcher, Christian, Lawrence Fey, McPhee, George Berger

John Smukovich (g), Fred Smukovich (g), John Urbanski, John Logan, Ivan Patrick, Lorne Patrick, Walter Bergstrom, Stewart Acheson, Keith Parsons, Rutledge, Anderson, Pilcher, Gord Watters, Dave Leibrecht (Smukovich may be Smukovitch)

Prince Albert
Andy Russell (g), Roy Phillips, Cram, Dempster, Jack McBeth, Ab Hart, Cruz, Robertson, Fred Mosher, Brown

Saskatoon Crescents
Dick Shipton (g), Charlie Bacon, Alf Bennett, Andy Sims, Mel Fenton, Jerry Wanless, Bud Cook, McKinnon, Archie Barnie, McKinnon, CAmbridge

Sasktoon Hilltops
George Dyson (g), Baird (g), Robins, Charlie Pipe, Nick Rygalo, Walt Willison, Bert Scharfe, Cairns, Rogers, Goerge Downey, L. Bacon, Brewer

University of Saskatchewan
Ted Culliton (g), Ross Campbell, Argue, Lee, Isman, St. Jacques, Ingram, Stark, Ralph Ellis, Graham

Turcotte (g), Russell McQuaig, Norm McNiven, Carlyle McNiven, Miller, Harry McKenzie, Moore, Jack Markling

Wilkie Outlaws
Hay (g), McDonald, Stuart Cushing, Vern Gould, Clare King, Joe Hoehm, McIntosh, Anderson, Barber

McDonald (g), Alan Anderson, Peltier, Ed Hepburn, Markham, G. Ruehlen, J. Ruehlen, Cummins, Al Tuten, Martin

Calgary Canadians
Sam Timmins (g), Gord "Tony" Savage, Irv Frew, Paul Thompson, Al McGoldrick, Don McFadyen, Archie McTeer, Connie Martin, Dunn

Winnipeg Tigers
McDowell (g), W. Arnott, Jim Arnott, Sam McAdam, Wilson, McDonald, Art Pattendon

Bill Taugher (g), Carl Voss, McKelvey, McPherson, Hartley, George Patterson, Molson, Reid

Fort William
Strong (g), Coombs, Lockhart, Polhill, Hogg, Cardinal, Daley, Hall, McLeod

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