The 1916-17 Season

Regina once again had 3 teams and Moose Jaw was back for another season. The group did add a team from a place called Tyvan.

I again just have the rosters.

1916-17 Season

Regina Arenas
Alphonse Paquet (g), Jack Arnot, McArthur, Balfour, Robinson, Ernest Miller, Frank Crapper, Fred Harding

Regina Collegiate
C. Smith (g), Bill Broadfoot, Fred Broadfoot, Miller Hackney, Stuart Conrad, Wm. Baldwin, A. Friedgut

Regina Knox
Walter Broadfoot (g), E. Adamson, Miller Hackney, Vadis Lindsay, Bill Broadfoot, Fred Broadfoot, Ernie Cameron

Moose Jaw
George Church (g), L. Plaxton, "Skinny" Hughes, Pat McCullough, Moose, Thompson, Westbrooke, M. Kern, Lightis

Tyvan Tigers
Herb Bratlund (g), Cameron, Art McCartney, Jesse Coons, Ed Bratlund, Fred McKay, Ross McKay
I'm not sure of the spelling of a couple of the names but I did my best.