Monday, June 15, 2009

More on the impending hire of Shaun Sutter

Thanks to the LeaderPost

My favourite quote from the article:

"I'm really proud of him," offered Brian, the eldest of the famed Sutter
brothers. "He's quite excited. He thinks (the Pats) are a heck of a team. He's
got an opportunity to learn from a guy who I think is a really good coach. The
only thing I told him is, 'Shaun, you want to be with good people,' and he's
with some good people -- the Parker family and Curtis Hunt. I couldn't ask for
any better. I'm really excited for him and I know Regina is a great junior
franchise. For him to be a part of something like that is pretty special."

The more I read about Sutter the more I like him. Hopefully he can bring something to the table that the others can't (or couldn't). I do look forward to seeing a Sutter behind the bench.