2009-10: Goalies

The famous "At The Crease" by Ken Danby (from kendanby.ca/danreid.ca)

The Pats' 2009-10 goalie situation presents another unique situation (sorta like last season)... You have the 20-year old starter in Linden Rowat, 18 year old back-up Damien Ketlo, 17 year old "next in line" Derek Tendler, Top Alberta midget goalie Dawson Guhle and little discussed Cory Nygaard.

Linden Rowat
6'2", 181 lbs.
June 27, 1989
Cochrane, Alberta
Acquired: 3rd round, 42nd overall in 2004
NHL Draft: L.A. Kings 5th round selection 124th overall in 2007

- Looking more and more like he may be back in the WHL next season as the LA Kings didn't sign him. I did a little bit of digging and the Ontario Reign of the ECHL protected his rights when they submitted their protected lists found here. So he may actually be a pro next year. One thing I've learned from Rowat is that he is a very consistent goalie... consistently inconsistent. I thought last year would have been his break-out season but having a 3 goalie carousel at the start of the season seemed to really hurt his confidence (from a fan's perspective anyway). I think it took the brass too long to make up their minds as to what they wanted done. I think he's a good goalie but I think he has wore his welcome out in Regina (we seem to be hard on our players here in Regina... hmmm). I do think he is the Pats best option for right now (although I did raise a few questions). Unless he is traded I believe that he will be penciled in as the Pats starter going into camp/season..... BUT that also depends on the other 20's this year as the Pats have a decent crop this year.

2008-09 Stats:
teamleaguegpmin gaasv%so
Regina PatsWHL4827353.07 0.901 2
Ontario ReignECHL21242.91 0.921 0

Damien Ketlo
6'1", 180 lbs.
January 26, 1991
Fort Fraser British Columbia
Acquired: 10th round, 203rd overall in 2006

- I'm sorry but in all honesty I really can't say I like Ketlo and his play (I don't have an answer as to why, I really don't). I do have to say that he is a pretty good technical goalie that is very good down low... but does have a questionable blocker hand (very similar to Rowat). I did think he was a capable back-up but ready to start? I don't know. He's a battler that fought hard with a questionable d in front of him at times last year. I do think he will be okay if thrust into the starters role.

2008-09 Stats:

teamleaguegpmin gaasv%so
Regina PatsWHL209703.960.8800

Derek Tendler
5'11", 201 lbs.
January 1, 1992
Regina, Saskatchewan
Acquired: 5th round, 98th overall in 2007

- I don't know about anyone else reading this but I think Derek is the best goalie (I have seen) in the Pats system and WILL make this team in some respect this year. He's a very sound goalie but won't light the world on fire with his flair. He has been playing for the Pat C's for the last 2 years. In his first year he won the top goalie and last year keeping the team competitive. Will be fine as part 1[a] or 1[b] until he is anointed the Pats starter.

2008-09 Stats:
teamleaguegpmin gaasv%so
Regina PatsWHL21195.060.8810
Regina Pat CanadiansSMAAAHL3219122.290.9183

Dawson Guhle
5'11", 160 lbs.
October 15, 1992
Daysland, Alberta
Acquired: listed player

- I know very little about him but he was the top goalie in the AMHL this past season with a 2.02 GAA and a .922 SV%. If he comes into camp he could very well put the Pats in a conundrum.

2008-09 Stats:
teamleaguegpmin gaasv%so
Sherwood Park KingsAMHL2413962.020.9220

Cory Nygaard
5'11", 150 lbs.
April 8, 1993
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Acquired: 6th round, 127th overall in 2008

- Doesn't have mind-blowing numbers playing midget hockey in Manitoba. But surprises happen.

2008-09 Stats:
teamleaguegpmin gaasv%so
Norman NorthstarsManitoba MAAA44

Darrin Robinson
5'10", 140 lbs.
Sept. 11, 1994
Aurora, Colorado
Acquired: 10th round, 208th overall in 2009

- Can't officially make the squad until 2010-11 but his bantam numbers in Chicago were AMAZING.... 1.18 GAA .939 SV% and 12 shutouts in 31 games. Impressive!

2008-09 Stats:
teamleaguegpmin gaasv%so
Chicago MissionUSA Bantam AAA31n/a1.18.93912

My Projected Depth Chart (not taking into affect the overage situation):
1. Rowat
2(a). Ketlo
2(b). Tendler
4. Guhle (only because I know so little about him and his WHL aspirations)
5. Nygaard
6. Robinson (just due to age)

My Projected Depth Chart (overage situation handled):
1 (a). Ketlo
1 (b). Tendler
3. Guhle (only because I know so little about him and his WHL aspirations)
4. Nygaard
5. Robinson (just due to age)

But then again, I'm just a fan making my own observations. But I am going to make a bold prediction...... Derek Tendler will be the Pats starter by the end on the 2009-10 season.