Welcome to "The Blueliner"

Well, this is my third attempt at a blog that I actually like and to be proud of. My earlier attempts were feeble and I don't know if anyone even really ever read them. This is my last shot at it. So welcome to "The Blueliner"!

My most recent blog was stats based and there is only so many stats a person can share. I know that there is 3 blogs (maybe 4) that cover the Pats but none are just from fans. I've been a season ticket holder since before I can remember. I have been told that I cried when I was told that Garth Butcher couldn't play for the Pats anymore (I was 3 or 4 years old). When I was 5 I got a Dale Derkatch jersey and apparently I lived in it for months. Well enough about me for now.... be prepared for stats and more stats....my opinions, thoughts and ramblings about the Pats, WHL and life in general.

I think I will get the year-by-year stats up on the blog first then go from there.

Kevin Shaw