Update on the Pats coaching situation

Any news is good news.... right? I know it's only been a while since the Pats dumped Dale Derkatch as their head coach but I would really like to get this over with. I know I am only a fan but I'm a Pats fan and I need some answers.... On an almost daily basis I get the question "who's going to be the next Pats coach?" Depending on the day I may get into a long thought out argument or just ask them who they think it's going to be. Many times they have their own opinion anyway.

I've been thinking... that no matter who Brent Parker chooses to be the next head coach the decision will come under some harsh criticism from the fans and the "fans".... Win or lose the criticism will flow (I will rant about the "fan" later). I just hope that the right person is chosen. I would love to see an alumni be picked to coach for sentimental reasons but if it turns out to be someone unfamiliar that's fine by me. I just want to see the Pats win.

Good read from Greg Harder in the LeaderPost about the coaching situation. It pretty much clears the air in regards to where Brent Parker is at in his Hunt for the new head coach.