Friday, May 29, 2009

Pats and Brockman; a good fit? I think so

I know I am posting this a little late because I wanted to think some things through. I just re-read the LP article by Greg Harder about Dean Brockman interviewing for the Pats assistant coach gig and I am really starting to like this guy. He's a quality coach that does know what he's doing and has built a championship calibre team. I really think he would be a great person to have around as an assistant coach. He seems like a humble guy that knows his roots:

"There is a high level of interest (in the Pats' job) but there are some obstacles to overcome, some of them being there are some pretty good names other than myself out there. The situation in Humboldt, I am comfortable. To uproot your family and move, it has to be a family decision, it can't be just Dean Brockman's decision."

To re-iterate; I think he would be a great choice to have on the Pats' bench.

Like he said in the quote there are other names out there (some we know and some we don't) that would be good assistant coaches. But the more I hear about Dean the more I like him and I think he would be a fine assistant coach to Curtis Hunt. If he gets hired great... if not (for whatever reason), I hope he stays true to his roots and family and gets an opportunity somewhere else.

The full LP article can be found here: Humboldt Broncos coach meets with Pats officials