Now for the Assistant Coach

Rod Pedersen brought up the Pats assistant coach(es) shortlist. He mentions a couple of guys that have been speculated for a while now in Mark Johnston and Dean Brockman. He also brings a couple of brand new names into the equation... Shaun Sutter (the Sutter brother's kid??), Gerad Adams, Jamie Heward and Mike Sillinger.

I am familiar with the first two mentioned as they have been written about for a while now. Johnston has TONS of experience with the Wheat Kings and Brockman is a winner in the form of the Humboldt Broncos. The latter 2 I'm not so sure of... If Sutter is one of the Sutter kids kids' I think he would bring a winning Sutter attitude with him (so many Sutter's in that sentence). Gerad Adams on the other hand I am familiar with as a player (former Pat) who went on to shine in Britian not only as a player but as a coach. I think both Heward and Sillinger would bring tons of hockey experience to the table and both are former Pats that wouldn't look out of place behind the bench or working with the Pats in some capacity.

But there are A LOT of possibilities. Will Parker and Hunt think outside of the box? All I know is that I am getting excited that the Pats are starting to take shape.