Import Drafts

Pats CHL Import Draft Pick History 

This is a list of all of the players the Pats have selected in the Canadian Hockey League Import Draft since its inception in 1992.

1992 10 Polasek, Libor C 22-Apr-74 Novy Jicin, Czech Republic
1993 No Selection
1994 No Selection*
1995 16 Shumakov, Stanislav C 13-Feb-78 Chelyabinsk, Russia
1996 34 Nabokov, Dmitri C 4-Jan-77 Novosobirsk, Russia
1996 65 Morozov, Alexei RW 16-Feb-77 Moscow, Russia
1997 38 Fomitchev, Alexandre G 19-Feb-79 Moscow, Russia
1997 48 Beranek, Pavel LW 16-Jan-78 Pardubice, Czech Republic
1998 46 Duda, Radek RW 28-Jan-79 Prague, Czech Republic
1998 71 Mosovsky, Karel LW 22-Aug-81 Pisek, Czech Republic
1999 12 Novak, Filip D 7-May-82 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
2000 No Selection
2001 42 Trojovsky, Matej D 12-Oct-84 Plzen, Czech Republic
2002 24 Dvorak, Petr C 11-Oct-83 Roznov, Czech Republic
2003 32 Kratena, Ivo RW 7-May-85 Olomouc, Czech Republic
2003 67 Vavra, Kamil LW 7-Jan-85 Chlumec, Czech Republic
2004 43 Hanzel, Martin C 20-Feb-87 Pisek, Czech Republic
2004 60 Zapletal, Jan D 21-Aug-86 Brno, Czech Republic
2005 3 Kalus, Petr RW 29-Jun-87 Ostrava, Czech Republic
2005 59 Kopitar, Anze C 24-Aug-87 Jesenice, Slovenia
2006 41 Snellman, Niko LW 12-Mar-88 Tmpere, Finland
2007 37 Cerveny, Rudolf LW 6-Sep-89 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
2007 71 Insam, Marco RW 5-Jun-89 Selva Gardena, Italy
2008 27 Hricina, Tomas LW 31-May-90 Kosice, Slovakia
2009 59 Poletin, Michal LW 9-Jun-91 Prague, Czech Republic
2010 46 Blidstrand, Ricard D 20-Apr-92 Stockholm, Sweden
2011 9 Volek, Dominik LW 12-Jan-94 Prague, Czech Republic
2012 32 Sylvegard, Emil C 22-Mar-93 Malmo, Sweden
2013 16 Sinitsyn, Dmitry D 17-Jun-94 Moscow, Russia
2013 76 Kammerer, Maximillian LW 28-Sep-96 Tolz Bad, Germany
2014 39 Zbrovskiy, Sergey D 21-Feb-97 Moskva, Russia
2015 41 Knyzhov, Nikolai D 20-Mar-98 St. Petersburg, Russia
2016 31 Ahl, Filip LW 12-Jun-97 Jonkoping, Sweden
2017 60 Zamula, Egor (Yegor) D 30-Mar-00 Chelyabinsk, Russia
2017 120 Oksanen, Emil LW/RW 25-Sep-98 Kirkkonummi, Finland
2018 47 Alkhimov, Sergei LW 3-Jul-01 Moskva, Russia
2018 107 Sedov, Nikita D 5-May-01 Nizhnevartovsk. Russia
2019 7 Gushchin, Daniil RW 6-Feb-02 Yekaterinburg, Russia
2020 15 Svozil, Stanislav D 17-Jan-03 Prerov, Czech Republic
2021 32 Kemell, Joakim RW 27-Apr-04 Jyväskylän mlk, Finland
2021 95 Suzdalev, Alexander LW 5-Mar-04 Khabarovsk, Russia
Note: * There is an error in the WHL Official Guide and apparently has been for a long time. In the 1994 Import Draft the guide tells us that the Pats selected Pavel Kriz 37th overall. I have found this to be impossible as the Pats traded their Import Draft pick to the Portland Winter Hawks for Dmitri Markovsky on June 9, 1994, a week prior to the draft.

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