Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pats Playoffs vs. Broncos Franchise

This will be the 11th season in which the Pats will face the Broncos franchise in the playoffs. There have been 9 previous series and 1 season in which the teams participated in a round robin.

The Broncos have played out of 2 cities and these records include both cities, but I will break it down a bit.

The Pats and Broncos first met in the Playoffs in 1974. The Broncos put up a fight but the eventual Memorial Cup winner would prevail in 6 games. The Pats outscored the Broncos 29-22 in the series.

The next season the Broncos moved to Lethbridge (where they played until the 1986-87 season) and again faced the Broncos and again prevailed in 6 games outscoring the Broncos 27-20 in the series.

The Pats and Broncos wouldn't meet in the playoffs again until the 1979-80 season and the Pats dominated the series in a 4 game sweep outscoring the Broncos 28-16 in the process. The Pats went on to the Memorial Cup tournament.

The Pats met the Broncos again in the 1982 playoffs where the Broncos had a 3 games to 2 lead coming back to Regina for game 6 only to lose the final two games by a combined score of 11-3. The Pats took the series in 7. Pats outscored the Broncos 26-18 in the series.

In the 1986 playoffs the WHL decided to do an Eastern Division Round Robin with 6 teams involved. Prince Albert, Medicine Hat, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, the Pats and Broncos were all involved in the round robin. Each team played each other once and the Pats and Broncos each ended up with one win a piece, both wins were against each other (neither advanced). In the 2 games the Broncos outscored the Pats 10-9.

The next time the Pats and Broncos met was when the team was solidly back in Swift Current. The 1988 playoffs first round was a best of 5 series in which the Broncos won in 4 games. The Broncos outscored the Pats 24-20 in the 4 games.

The teams met again in the 1990 playoffs, again in a best of 5 series to open up the playoffs. The Pats prevailed in this one 3 games to 1, outscoring the Broncos 17-16.

The Broncos were not kind to the Pats in the 1993 playoffs. The Broncos swept the Pats in 4 straight outscoring them 27-13. That one stung.

It took 14 more years for the Pats and Broncos to clash in the playoffs again, finally in 2007 it happened. The Pats took the Broncos out in 6 hard fought games. Pats outscored the Broncos 21-14.

The Broncos avenged the 2007 defeat by taking the Pats out in 6 games in the 2008 playoffs. The Broncos won the last 3 games of the series to put the finishing touches on the series. Broncos out scored the Pats 25-18 in the series.

With all that said here is a breakdown:

Historically against the Broncos franchise:

HOME 24 13 11 108 90
ROAD 25 14 11 100 102
OVERALL 49 27 22 208 192


Anonymous said...

so I saw this question on Mitchell Blairs blog and figured you'd be the guy to know the answer.

Here is the question

" I am not going to go back and look, but the Medicine Hat Tigers put out an interesting stat on Thursday night. The Tigers tweeted out goalie Tyler Bunz was the 99th Tiger to play in an NHL game. That made me wonder just how many players who have worn the Pats logo have gone on to play at least one game in the show. If someone knows the answer to that, pass it down the pipe. The Tigers started play in 1970 so lets start there and yes I would think more Pats have made it. I'm not sure though."

Keep up the great work on your blog.

Kevin Shaw said...

When I get a chance this weekend I'll get a tally together and post it.

Anonymous said...

Great work on your blog Kevin. Between you and Ron "Scoreboard" Johnston any information on current and past players from the Pat's.
I responded to the question on Mitchel Blairs Blog

Unofficially 102 former Pat's have played in the NHL since 1970

1966-67 to 1973-75 - 20
1974-75 to 1983-84 – 35
1984-85 to 1994-95 – 20
1995-96 to 2004-05 – 19
2005-06 to PRESENT - 8

Since the Pat's inception 139 former Pat's have played in the NHL.

Should be a great series with Brandon
Go Pats Go