Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy 4,400th Regina Pats!

With tonight's action in Prince Albert the Regina Pats will be playing in the teams 4,400th Regular Season Game in All-Time Franchise History.

After 4,399 games the Pats have:
2257 Wins
1795 Losses
242 Ties
67 Overtime Losses
38 Shootout Losses

If you calculate that out the Pats are 462 games above .500.

I really don't know how many people read this so I will stop there for now. I will gladly add more information if people ask for it.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting stats. One thing I have always wondered about and you are probably the guy that knows this.

What is the Pats all-time record against other WHL teams? I have always been curious about their success versus other teams.


Kevin Shaw said...

Thanks for the comment, Corey.

Once the regular season is completed I plan on posting the all-time records against all opponents all time. Stay tuned.