Monday, July 25, 2011

Pats New Head Coach? Take Two

From Rod Pedersen dot com

Forget Ted Nolan! The latest I've heard on the Regina Pats' next head coach is that it will be Pat Conacher. The former NHLer was an assistant coach with Marc Habscheid's Chilliwack Bruins last year.
Patrick John Conacher (born May 1, 1959 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a retired Canadian hockey forward.

Conacher started his National Hockey League career with the New York Rangers in 1980. He also played for the Edmonton Oilers, New Jersey Devils, Los Angeles Kings, Calgary Flames, and New York Islanders. He left the NHL after the 1996 season. He won the Stanley Cup in 1984 with the Edmonton Oilers.

I'm told we can take this one to the bank. We'll see!


Ron C. Johnston said...

All of these rumours are getting out of hand. Back on May 26, He was signed as Assistant Coach with Victoria (WHL). The sooner Pats sign a new Head Coach, the better.

chuck said...

well kev do you think it is pat or ryan and does jamie heward get an asst. job?

Kevin Shaw said...

Hey Chuck,

Pretty much guaranteed it will be Conacher. I think (if it's true) this will be a good hire for the Pats... Have to give him some slack and give him a chance. It's not like he's new to the coaching game.... so he knows what he's doing.

In all honesty I hope he's given all the power to hire his own assistants.... if Heward applies and is a good fit I think he would be a great addition to the staff. Like I said I hope Pat's given a chance to hire his own guys.

That is if it Conacher.

I guess we'll find out tomorrow!