Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pats at Blazers

I'm looking forward to watching this one. I have the WHL Live but I have been disappointed with it..... anyone that has watched games on it knows exactly what I mean. And listening to Plaster is hard at times.... i hear about pizza deliveries (makes me hungry on a game by game basis), greasy goals and at times not knowing if someone has scored, who has scored or what the score is. I know he's fairly new at it but he's hard to listen to at times. I think he needs a sidekick on the road games so he has someone to talk to.

Tonight's game is on Access7 and I'm hoping that the Pats come out guns a blazing. Ranford, Schaber and Bosch are out for the Blazers so that gives the Pats the advantage ‘on paper’ at least.



Anonymous said...

Plaster is horrible! A sidekick couldn't make it better - he repeats himself and never tells you any information... we listen to the radio... we can't watch the game on the radio numb nut! Fire him before they lose all listeners!

Anonymous said...

i like listening to Dan Plaster.He has the enthusiasm,and tells it like it is.I enjoy listening to radio broadcasts over internet broadcasts.I will sometimes turn down the volume during internet broadcast and listen to Plaster

Gored said...

Pederson made the game sound like an NHL game whereas Plaster makes it sound like a WHL game in a barn - limited use of adjectives/adverbs. Kind of boring!