Thursday, April 29, 2010

203rd Overall.... Pats Select D Alec McCrea

McCrea, Alec
El Cajon, CA
5.11 168
SD Bantam
Jan 12, 1995


Anonymous said...

hi kevin, who did the pats drop from the list, to add the new players? chuck.

Kevin Shaw said...

Hi Chuck,

Sorry for the lateness in reply. I honestly wish I had an answer for you. The WHL 50 player protected lists are extrememly secretive and change on a regular basis with players being added and subtracted.

There were at least 3 spots open with the graduation of Strueby, McColm and Leffler. So that leaves 7 other players. I would almost have to add Hricina into that as well as I doubt he is still Pats' property (officially).

I really do wish I had an answer for you. If and when I do find a list of Pats' prospects I will do my best to share it with anyone that reads The Blueliner.

Thanks for reading,