Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Well that one stings....

Well at least we got the "loser" point.

Rod Pedersen has a write-up on his blog and you can find that here: http://rodpedersen.blogspot.com/2010/02/rebels-3-pats-2-so.html

A couple of notes:

>The officiating was bad at best but I will leave it at that.

>The Pats had trouble finishing in regulation and in the shoot out.

>Darcy Kuemper made some seriously good saves that kept the game close and eventually to the win for the Rebels.

>The Pats top 5 or 6 forwards and top 4 defencemen looked completely gassed by the mid point of the third period. They played A LOT of minutes in the third. A LOT of minutes. If they are going to keep on playing that kind of minutes they are going to completely wear out.

That's about all for now.



Anonymous said...

I thought Ketlo played well to keep the Pats in as well

ed said...

Kevin, what do think are chances are of still making the playoffs?

Kevin Shaw said...

I would have to agree with you. At first he looked shaky and I was worried but he recovered and played a pretty decent game.

Kevin Shaw said...

Well ed,

With each passing second I'm leaning more to the prospect of 2 season in a row without a playoff appearance.

I still have hope. Until I'm told that the Pats won't be in the playoffs I will have hope.

Prince Albert and Swift Current would have to take a serious swoon and start losing a bunch of games and the Pats will have to start cashing in on all of their opportunities. If it wasn't for some spectacular saves by Mathews and Kuemper in the Ice and Rebel goals (respectively) they would be talking about a couple of Pats W's.


ed said...

Very true, it just seems sometimes that the Pats would rather be doing anything else but play hockey. I don't know what it is? But both P.A. and Swift Current have a brutal schedule. So that should help us, but one thing I do know for sure is that the Pats need 4 points this weekend. But until the numbers say otherwise I will continue to believe.

Kevin Shaw said...

I could speculate as to what it is but I'll leave it at that.

I'm actually glad that the Raiders and the Broncos have such tough schedules (the Pats is tough as well) and for that I'm happy.

4 point weekend or the Pats are in HUGE trouble.

No matter what.... GO PATS GO!!!