Saturday, February 06, 2010

Pats v. Ice.... OT, PATS WIN!!! PATS WIN!!!


Mitch Spooner pots the winner off the bar and in (sniper style). For those that stuck around got to see an exciting end to this one! I am PUMPED!!!

Eberle and Weal pick up the assists on the winner.

Third Star Carter Ashton
Second Star Jesse Ismond
First Star Jordan Eberle


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patsprincess said...

What an exciting game last night! The Pats are really showing some drive, especially in the last few minutes of the game (4th game in a row that was tied after regulation). It was especially fantastic to see the Pats win in OT - it hopefully will provide them some much needed momentum for the next few weeks. I'm really happy that they finished what they started, so to speak. I've noticed that the Pats, in general, are procrastinators in their excellence, which makes for an exciting game, but my hope for the next few games are some solid wins in regulation time to help build even more confidence. We can be powerhouses when we want to be, so it would be great to come out strong right off the bat.
GO PATS! You are getting so much closer to making the play offs! You can do it!
PS. The Jordan Eberle that we all know and love is back with 4 goals in 2 games and plenty of assists. While he was in a little lull (and I feel badly about the negativity towards him), he is back and better than ever!