Tuesday, December 08, 2009


As most people now know Alex Pym has left the Pats which is just too bad. I was really looking forward to this season as I figured Alex would have a break out season. He had an impressive pre-season but once the teams vets returned from pro tryouts he just seemed to get pushed down the depth chart and I have no reason or explanation as to why. Even though he did have his moments good and bad..... he is a solid d-man that needed to play and I think the more he played the better he played. I do wish Alex all the best in his future endeavours, wherever they may lead him. Good luck.

Now I don't know the reasons he left nor do I really want to, but does it ever leave the Pats in the lurch for the next little while. Over Christmas it will be tough....

Depth chart:

Teubert (WJHC)
Borstmayer (U-17)
Bell (U-17)
Davidson (injured)

I've been thinking about possible replacements and have come up with a few possibilities (barring a trade or two):

Dominic Perrault - North Battleford North Stars (SJHL) - I'm not sure if he's still listed but I guess he could be one of the stop gaps.

Justin Slobozian - OCN Blizzard (MJHL) - I really hope he's listed and wants another chance in the WHL and i think he would be a good fit as a call-up during this stretch.

A few other possible prospect call-ups could be: Rhett Holland, Shamus Graham, Ryan Leonzio, Husdon Friesen, Tyler Mueller, Tyler Pavkovich, Landon Peel, Jesse Roden and Sean Whelan. I have no idea what the Pats list consists of as of right now and the names I mentioned were on the list earlier in the season and some are still prospects.
Time will tell I guess.


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SAJ said...

Perhaps they will call up players that live in the Alberta Area on the roadtrip. Many of these kids are too young to just up and go to alberta in the middle of a crucial time in school.

If that logic is used, Shamus Graham is a given, along with a prospect like Holland, unless theres a kid somewhere the pats really, really want to see.

Probably gonna see a trade in the next few days though...these games are too crucial to put up to chance.