Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pats @ Broncos (Update)

Davidson, Metz and Strueby are all out with various injuries. Looks like Sparrow is the other scratch for the Blue & White.

Swift opens the scoring at the 9:15 minute mark on a goal by Stickland assisted by Eakin and Hoban). For the first part of the game the Broncos are taking it to the Pats.... not overly dominating but they are controlling most of the play from what I can see on the web cast (for Swift being a smaller rink the camera view is so far away and at times it is hard to tell what is going on in each end).

Pats are fending off the Broncos.... Weal ties the game @ 15:44 (assisted by Eberle) on an odd man rush (may have been tipped in by the Bronco d-man Claffey but it was hard to tell.... Keen figures it either hit Claffey or Weal batted it out of the air but wasn't sure). The tide is turning and looks more like a back and forth type game. Like I said it's hard to tell on the web cast.

Morgan Clark makes a couple nice saves to keep the score tied at 1.

First period ends 1-1. Shots are 12-11 Pats.

After a 20 minute or so delay.... an errant shot hit the glass of one of the i-Plex's new "sky boxes" and shattered in the Pats end.

Sounded and sorta looked like a good second period.

Second ends 1-1. Shots are now 27-18 Swift (16-6 for Swift in the 2nd).

Broncos Eakin scores with 16.7 seconds left on a Pats turnover to make the score 2-1. Eberle gets a great chance with Ketlo out of the net but is stoned by Clark. Pats fall 2-1.


SAJ said...

was at the game. Both teams played pretty well and it was tight all night. All it takes is one mistake and the pats made it with like 15 seconds to go. Kind of sucks to end it on that note, but it was a good game and worth the drive.

My comment is so long its got to be split into two posts, so nows your chance to turn back and maybe put your next 10 minutes to better use instead of sifting through the proverbial garbage that is my game thoughts posts.

Anyways, their new arena was pretty nice, not that I have seen the old one...and it was unique. The concession area was north of the rink itself and on the same level. You could watch the game very easily from there as it meshed with the game area opposed to being on the outside of it or above. Not big but not a seat in the house that was bad. The place was quieter than I expected, though everybody was chanting lets go broncos every 10 seconds like it was a chore. Some people has really annoying high voices and didnt mind showing it.

Seriously, there were countless moron whole section seemed was hating on eberle all night... names went from spoiled princess to untalented fluke to wimp/pussy etc(that part is funny from fans of the soft ponies), and surprisingly mostly heard some comments about teubert("i hate the guy but man we could use him on our team" kind of stuff). The insults were embarrassing, one jerkoff was calling borstmayer "horse monkey" all game, and another was going on and on about regina being "cheap cheap cheap". I dont even remember what people said to hricina once he went in the box but man it was pretty lame. Ive heard better taunts from 7 year old cotton candy eating mother f'ers. I felt that I had to put my brain in a microwave and chug toxic waste to come down to the level of some of these fans. Hardly the nicest city in the world, though it just made things more interesting. It was hard not to poke fun at some of these muppets, but I managed to keep it cool for the msot part, except for acting like an ass when the pats scored and calling some old guy a retard.

Also, that big shot that broke the glass was f###ing hilarious. I looked at the boxes before the game started and thought about the glass possibly breaking since it was pretty much exposed directly right above the boards. Either way, the old lady up there was totally freaked out and I felt bad laughing about the time, not so much the case now.

More on the next post.

SAJ said...

Anyways, fun game. I like the tighter 1-0 or 2-1 games better than the gong shows, though I would have liked go the other way. I also wouldnt have minded a fight or two...maybe get to see one of the pats beat on a pansy or two tonight. Ketlo was good, but the shot quality he faced wasnt too bad. As mentioned, he really does go down too early, and the broncos caught on eventually.

The pats had a good game and probably deserved better, but I think they still need to get their new players acclimated with the system, and get our injured players back. For example, Gustafsson had a good game but was noticably out of sync alot of the time with the jordans...though we can only get away with playing such a small sized first line like this against soft teams like SC anyways. However, I thought the line of Leffler - Mulder - Mitchell was very good. Mulder deserves more icetime even after the injured players get back, and played well with leffler. Hutt alone made his line dangerous tonight, though hood was better than I expected and hricina was ok.

I would like to see how Hutt does with Weal, maybe throw strueby on that line. Both Weal and Eberle are supremely skilled, but both rely on handling the puck alot of the time. A guy like Hutt is someone who knows where to be, and gets in greasy areas no problem despite lack of size or speed. Can finish plays like Eberle but in a different way.

Leffler - Mulder - Eberle would be a decent line with Mulders good defensive play, faceoff prowess and more apparent offensive awareness. Then with Leffler being Leffler and Eberle being Eberle. Gust - Metz - Mitch is a decent third line that has a balance of everything but especially good speed. Perhaps throw Hricina on the first or third line depending on the teams we face...and then the 4th line. PP time can have some Eberle and Weal magic, and maybe throw hood on there every now and then.

Also was impressed with Carlson. He will do better once he gets more used to teammates but is smart and a good passer. All the defence was good this time around, and played within their expectations. Bell is going to be awesome in a couple years.

Thats about it for my thoughts, though I was surprised to hear Davidson was scratched. He could have been a difference maker tonight. What do you think about my lines/thoughts? [sucking up]Always good to hear an expert opinion.[/sucking up]