Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pre-season or not, Pats need a win

Greg Harders Slap Shots has an interesting perspective and can be found here.

Interesting quote from Hunt:
“The thing about winning is you have to earn it,” added Hunt. “We weren’t close to earning that tonight. I think it was there for us. This is a group that we need to have that workman mentality. Until we do that consistently for upwards of 50 to 60 minutes we’ll continue to have this kind of outcome.”

And his story from the Leader-Post can be found here.

An interesting thought from goalie Linden Rowat (who let in the forst 2 shots he faced last night, one wasn't his fault at all but the confidence of the team just went and hid under a rock after the 1st goal):
"We definitely need a win," insisted Pats goalie Linden Rowat. "The regular season starts after our next two games. We want some momentum going into that but for that to happen we need to bear down and work our tails off and figure out what we need to do on the ice. Things aren't clicking for us right now and it all comes down to hard work."

After seeing last nights performance I think that they are a LONG way from really being competetive. I thought after watching the training camp they looked to be looking good but I'm starting to question myself.


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SAJ said...

Look at the defence we dressed. Pym(and I guess Perreault with his half of a season) was pretty much the only guy of any WHL experience playing.

Brandon played well, but they were not as dominant as the score would suggest. We out shot them and arguably outchanced them(at least during the 1st half of the game), but they made theirs count while we ran into some good goaltending, and another rowat flop. Also seemed like the puck bounced the other way all night as well.

More than anything, I think this is just an indication of our lack of depth, while brandon can roll 3 lines. Seems to me like Teubert and Delahey almost make or break our defence right now... and Eberle and Leffler are two key cogs on the offence that help make the rest of the wheels spin.

I still think we need a veteran offensive minded defenceman, and a second line center. Though this a game that we put Sparrow on the PP a few times, and Metz played even strength D for a few shifts. The staff is still figuring things out and this isnt our best.