Friday, September 04, 2009

Another Pats Leader-Post article

Here's the link.... Mitchell is all business

I have some other thoughts that I will share later today. I have thoughts I would like to share about my opinion on the goaltending, the apparent lack of experience/depth on defence, the lack of the "skill-type" forwards, who I think should/could be captain, the three overagers, and so on. I will have seperate thoughts about each and if I think of more I will add them.


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Anonymous said...

the pats still need a real second line center(not sold on Metz yet), and a number one offensive defenceman...since we dont want Teubert trying to do everything, and that Pym is not that guy right now.

Would like to see a guy like Spurgeon from the Chiefs brought in. Maybe trade some package involving Rowat. We need the best 20 players we can possibly get, because leadership was our biggest weakness last year.

Or maybe make a play for Boyer from Seattle. Either way, just bring in some **PROVEN** offence to compliment our already gritty core, because neither Strueby(inconsistant) or Czibere(just not good enough) will do if we want to do well this year.