Monday, August 31, 2009

Pats reassign 4

Pats Reassign Four

Regina, Saskatchewan – The Regina Pats returned from their weekend tournament in Edmonton and were greeted with a Monday off, but the front office was busy, reassigning four players:

(C) Chandler Stephenson – Saskatoon Contacts (SMAAAHL)
(LW) Michael Sagen – Saskatoon Contacts (SMAAAHL)
(D) Koltyn Miller – Dauphin Kings (MJHL)
(D) Tyler Pavkovich – Fraser Valley Bruins (BCMML)

The Pats will be on the ice for a 2:30 practice tomorrow afternoon at the Brandt Centre. Their next exhibition action will be this Friday, September 4th in Brandon while the first home exhibition game will come on Wednesday, September 9th at 7pm with the Wheat Kings coming to town.


SAJ said...

Gonna offer some constructive critisism/ a suggestion here, though I dont want to come off as trying to tell you how to run your blog...

Anyways, here goes. The blog has all the right info and its easy to access, but I would like it if you wrote down your thoughts on stuff more often, since anybody can copy and paste articles from Rod or Greg.

Its a pretty good blog here though...reading stuff here means I dont have to sift through 4 consecutive pages of the rider prider gospel on rods blog to see a couple tidbits on the pats.

Though I can understand if your too busy or something and arent able to write all that much.

Either way, Im usually interested on your take on stuff(or 2 cents on the articles posted), since you probably know your stuff better than most people on these dumb forums...and dont hold back, since its your blog. You dont have to filter your content for some boss or for a mod.

Thats all about that. But as for the news, Im surprised they didnt keep miller, and even more surprised that a guy who played AA midget (sagen) made it further than guys who played well in AAA midget.

Eager to see them play in the home opening preseason game. Sorry about the long post.

Kevin Shaw said...

Hey man no problem. I'm just actually waiting to get the season underway.

There is only so much to write about training camp and I have pretty much said everything I could say.

My plan isn't to copy and paste or link to articles all the time. When the season gets underway I will more to say.